readingEarly Start is available beginning at 8:00 am. Please contact us at 314.863.9493 for availability and additional details.

Morning session 9:00 am – noon.  Children may be brought from 8:50 – 9:00 am and may be picked up between 11:50 and noon.

Afternoon session 12:30 – 3:30 pm. Children may be brought between 12:30 – 12:40 pm and may be picked up between 3:30 and 3:40 pm.

Children, who bring their own lunches, eat with the directresses learning healthy food choices, pleasant conversation styles, and independent clean-up duties.

The following elements make up our day. The sequence changes to meet the needs of the specific class and the children’s growth during the school year.

Community time Children sit together for group singing, sharing something special, and counting the calendar. We may also demonstrate a new material or role play kind and courteous interactions.

contactWork time This is the prime part of the day. Each child chooses a work that has been shown from the materials on the shelf. The child can choose to work alone, with a friend, or to participate in a small group. The child may also choose to look at a book, to watch the fish or another child at work, or to rest on a rug. Some children have reserved work that progresses over several class sessions.

Snack Our classroom is earth friendly. We use cloth napkins, we compost crumbs, and we eat simple, healthy foods. The school year begins with group snack, where we all eat together, and later snack becomes an individual choice during the work time.

Story Each day a directress reads a book to the whole group. Children are asked to comment on the book or answer a question about the story. This builds the child’s comprehension and thinking skills.

Outdoors We spend time outdoors each day. We may play in the play yard or nearby park, or we may explore the neighborhood on a walk. Observation of nature, care of our surroundings, and large muscle activities are included in our outdoor activities.

End of Session We close each session in a group reading name cards or playing a short game. Each child receives a hug or handshake to say good-bye.