Laurie Kleen is the Owner of A Growing Place and became involved with Montessori when her son was born in 1968. Laurie organized a neighborhood Montessori-type preschool before beginning her training. She completed her Montessori training for children 3-6 years from St. Nicholas Training Center, London, England through correspondence in 1972 and for early elementary (6-9 years) in 1974. Laurie started A Growing Place in 1975.  Laurie holds the global picture for A Growing Place. Her talents recognize and acknowledge children in the spectrum of life, parents in the adventure of child raising, and the Montessori philosophy as a key to imbuing joy of learning in life. Laurie’s passion is Montessori education and the children who have and are attending AGPMS.

Laura Asher is the Director of A Growing Place Montessori School.  Laura manages the office, works with prospective families, and maintains open communication with caregivers.  Laura graduated with her Bachelor of Arts degree from Washington University in St. Louis.  After discovering the Montessori philosophy, she enrolled in the Missouri Montessori Teacher Education Program and earned her primary certification from the American Montessori Society.  She later earned her Master of Arts in Education from St. Catherine University.  In the classroom, Laura teaches with clear intention to encourage each child to blossom.  She also enjoys practicing yoga with the children.